Northern Princess: Tiaras and Chainsaws

March 29, 2015 at 11:46 am Leave a comment

Well it was only a couple weeks after placing second in the Yukon Sourdough Rendezvous Queen Competition that I was off to the Northernmost community in the Yukon. A new job and a new adventure. I packed what I could with the help of friends and moved to a place I had only ever been to once  before.

My last hurrah in city life had me wearing my sash and Tiara at Dawson’s Thaw Di Gras Spring Carnival. It hardly felt like spring when it was hitting temperatures like -42 over the weekend. We performed our lip sync and I even competed in the Tricycle race. It was a lot of fun and a very busy weekend. Suddenly it was Monday and I was boarding a plane the next day and I had a million things to do.

There were some changes for me to adjust to when I moved up North. Only CDMA phones work here so I had to say goodbye to my iPhone. My internet usage went from 200gb per month to a maximum of 40gb. I went from cable internet to DSL and there’s no flicking a switch, it was a two week wait until the next time Northwestel was in town to setup my internet.

To sweeten the work deal, my boss joked that he would give me a chainsaw for getting firewood. My new house is heated by wood and oil. A chainsaw and skidoo are required to collect wood;unless I want to buy it. So I walked into my Arctic Entrance and there was my chainsaw. No axe to chop kindling though, he hand delivered that a week later. I think I’m going to need a chainsaw lesson before I actually use it. It would be just my luck to accidentally chop my leg off when I turned it on for the first time. I also need to learn to drive a skidoo, I’ve just been a passenger so far.

A couple weeks into the big life change now and I’m loving it. I’m reading every night by the woodstove. I’m eating healthy, home-cooked meals because there’s no access to fast food. The community is kind and welcoming and I’m walking everywhere. I watch the sunrise every morning as I walk to work. I feel so relaxed and happy. I’m lucky my family is so helpful sending up food until the grocery store opens, and I’ll do a big shop when I next visit Whitehorse. Tomorrow is the big day for hooking up my internet, then I won’t have to come into work on the weekends 🙂


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